Quick Beginner’s Guide for An Essex Wedding Photographer

Essex wedding photographerWhat do you need to know about being an Essex wedding photographer? We are pretty sure that you might have at least an idea or two about photography. It’s something that requires at least a decent interest and passion in photography to make the decision to become a wedding photographer.

So, here’s your quick guide to help set (a part) of your path at the right place.

Situations you will face

As a wedding photographer, one of the biggest enemies you will have is the weather. It’s not something that you have power over. You can only predict with a small margin of error and all it takes is that small margin to happen on the day you have a wedding photography job. When you have planned for the day to be bright and sunny all day, you are suddenly challenged to take pictures under the watery weather.

You have to improve on the spot and one important piece of equipment you must have is the umbrella. It can be used as a prop for the wedding photography with the same pose & idea. But when the weather gets more extreme, you must opt to take pictures indoors and wait for the weather to clear up.

The next ridiculous situations some photographers are wild guests. We are entering the time where people can’t stop taking videos and pictures of everything. They need to update their story on Instagram and can’t stop updating what the couple is doing every 3 minutes. Within the flood of guests, there’s you, a solo photographer trying to take pictures.

Help plan the day

Ask for the itinerary from your clients to plan for the wedding photography. An Essex wedding photographer knows more about the time that you need to spend on taking pictures of the group pictures, for example. We know this from a pro that owns www.justin-bailey.co.uk.

Consult with your clients about the schedule if you think that there need to be changed on the on it. Explain to your client why it’s necessary, then proceeds to do according to the plan. You also need to remember that your client relies fully on your judgment and don’t know better about photography. Remember to come to their wedding rehearsal to know more about the location.

Your client will also feel more appreciated if you show interest even in the schedules and how to help them.

Prepare spares of equipment

You have the camera, lenses and everything else ready for the session. But you never know when something will go wrong in the middle of the job. That is why you need to have spares of everything from the camera, batteries to memory cards. Don’t forget to check the other equipment such as reflectors and lighting equipment before you come to the wedding venue.

Make sure that you have practiced some shots during the wedding rehearsal. Look for inspiration by searching about the location and look on the Images tab of Google. You will see some good shots done by other photographers. An Essex wedding photographer must always learn to look for inspiration, but that shouldn’t be thought the same as copying what they did!

How to Question Wedding Photographers

Cheshire wedding photographerIt is important to know what your Cheshire wedding photographer is capable of. It’s not just about answering basic questions; you have to get a photographer that will be able to give you answers to your concerns as well. Follow our guide if you want to launch the most important questions for your wedding photographer.

Ask their specialization

Some photographers prefer to work only on wedding photography, but others might spread their job into several others. They do family and portrait as well. The best choice? Well, we have to be honest that a photographer who focuses on wedding photography only is the best catch. You want to see your pictures professionally done and a photographer like that tends to have more time to concentrate.

It can also be seen from their work frequency. You can additionally ask how many weddings offers they take on every year. It should not be more than 40-50 every year especially if the photographer does other photography as well.


Their experience in wedding photography is also important obviously. From how long they do photography in general to wedding photography specifically, the longer the better. You may additionally inquire if the photographer has ever worked at the venue you rented or what they usually do with wedding pictures of the season that you’ve chosen.

Experience helps you see how well-informed and skilled the photographer is. The most he’s worked on similar settings and conditions, the better it is for you. A professional and experienced Cheshire wedding photographer we know is from www.mauricerobertsphotography.com. Do check him out because we are sure you will love his works.


Without a doubt, the portfolio is the best way to see if you like the pictures the photographer does. It is also the only way to see if you will like the results of the wedding pictures he does on you. The portfolio shows the style of the photographer and we have a good advice on this.

Instead of believing all the pictures you see on their site, you need to request for more works, if possible, a whole sample album. You want to see, not just the best, but the general work of the photographer. This will also help you in asking the photographer more questions such as how did he get some of them and how much editing happened there.

Price and extra charges

Lastly, it Is going to be about price. If that’s not a problem for you, you can happily skip this part and start writing your interview question list. If it is, learn to negotiate. We are not telling you to negotiate like you are in a traditional market. Ask if it is possible to change the content of the package into something that you truly want. For example, can the extra hours be removed for less price?

Such is how you question a Cheshire wedding photographer to see if that person is who you want to use. It’s important to take your time asking each photographer about it or you might miss the fact that someone is a better choice to make.

Newborn & Baby Photography: 4 Facts You Only Realize Later

newborn baby photographyBefore you get serious about the job, you thought that taking pictures of newborn baby photography couldn’t be that hard. Why, there are only harmless babies to work with, what could go wrong?

A lot of things could go wrong and only if you had known earlier! These are 4 things that a newborn photographer only realizes later.

Not all babies are friendly

Let’s be honest: not all babies are nice. Some of them can be pretty awful to deal with. Newborn babies are most of the time better in that they mostly sleep and only cry when they need something. But with babies, their cries can mean a lot of things. It’s really up to you, the new parents and luck to figure out what’s wrong!

Other times, you’re faced with babies that just refuse to cooperate well. Pouting babies are cute until they pout for almost half of the session and everyone’s busy trying to please him. Because you need a smiling baby picture for your client!

Not all parents are understanding

Sometimes, it’s the parents that you have to deal with. They are often the people that make the whole process so hard to deal with. And they range from the type that tells you from start to finish how the pictures should be taken to the ones that complain through and through.

Really, who’s the photographer now?

Hiring a professional photographer for a newborn baby photography session like the one from www.juliaandmia.com isn’t cheap, that’s for sure. If you’re going to tell them how to do things, you might as well be the photographer yourself.

Of course, it doesn’t mean parents shouldn’t talk. Photographers are always open to opinions and preferences, not orders and commands.

More poses

You never realized that babies and newborns are so unpredictable that the poses you’ve planned for aren’t enough. You end up doing improvisation on the spot and try to come up with something to fill the quota. Yup, next time, you need to come up with more poses!

Newborn babies are especially hard to predict. You never know which one they can settle in and which pose won’t work. You have to prepare a lot just in case the poses you planned for won’t work. Of course, the ones that are based on the parent’s preferences should be prioritized, but after that, at least have 5 backup poses or ideas.

The little ones are sensitive

As you dive into the world of newborn baby photography, you start to realize that babies are more sensitive than you thought. There are a lot of medical conditions related to how you take pictures that can affect them if you’re not careful! You don’t want to hurt them and obviously, don’t want parents to walk out of your studio with an infected baby.

It’s important to really pay attention to the environment and condition of the studio. The hygiene level of your props and set has to be maintained, too. You also need to carefully pose them with proper support from adults. There are a lot more details that you need to pay attention to and before you realize it, you’re on the same level as a professional child healthcare.

Guide to Wedding Photography Package You’ll Need

North Wales wedding photographerEach couple is different in what they need and can afford for their wedding photography. It’s important that you spend according to what you can and is necessary. And this guide here will help you tackle and negotiate with your North Wales wedding photographer regarding your photography package!

Set on a budget

First is to set on how much is the maximum spending on your wedding photography. It can differ depending on how much is spent on each vendor, but you need to have a basic idea of how much is too much. With that, you can begin looking for your photographer.

2, 4, 8 or 12

Photographers offer different packages and time-range of working. Some offer as short as 2-hour for your ceremony session. Others can offer a whole day service with bonuses thrown in for extra hours. First, is to decide which one is more important for you: morning ceremony or the evening party.

Some decided that they can’t choose any and want a photographer they can afford that will work for the whole day. If you’re limited to hiring a cheap photographer just to get this, refrain from doing that.

It’s better to get a professional to do one session, and then get a volunteer to do the evening part or vice-versa. The point is that you need a professional touch on at least some of the pictures that you will never be disappointed at.

The 8-hour session is good for a private to medium size party. 12 hours is suggested for a bigger party.

Consider the bonuses

Professional North Wales wedding photographer like www.mauricerobertsphotography.com loves to give extra service to their big-spending customers.

The bigger is your package, the more bonuses are thrown in. Some include extra sessions that you can book to have more pictures taken. They can be for bridal shower, engagement, or even man of honor sessions.

However, in the event that you want to cut short the price, you can ask them to be removed. You can also ask if several features to be removed and see if they will bring down the price further. It’s also a good thing to show your concern that you wish to have a way to use their service at a cheaper price.

Referral or promotion

There are also other ways to cut down the price. You can do a referral mode or promote the photographer’s work on your blog or social media account. This type of offer is good for them as they need to get as many people to know about them as possible. Their business relies on finding new leads all the time.

However, if at the end of the day the photographer is unable to bring down his price, you can consider going for a smaller package or find another photographer. It can take time, but if you plan your photography early and book early, which is something photographers really appreciate, you can get a professional photographer within your budget!

This quick but definitely not cheap guide can hopefully bring you to a North Wales wedding photographer that is to your liking, professional and take the best wedding pictures of your life!

Baby Photography: Guide to Prepare

baby photographyNo matter how much you’ve prepared your mentality, physical preparation is just also as important. That said, what are the things that should due to being done on the day of the baby photography session?


Start the day by running through your list and calling the parents that are due to come today. Call them to make sure that they remember and will come on time. Use this chance to remind them of anything that would be unfortunate if forgotten. For example, if there are any extra props they’d like to use or to wear something nice as parents for the photography session.

After confirming that they’ll come with no problem, it’s time to get the set ready.

Cleaning up

The cleaning part can be done the day before if the photography session is going to be early. If it’s not, doing it in the morning is also great. Dust out anything to prevent the baby from getting irritated or coughing. Remember that hygiene is vital to keep the baby comfortable in the room.

Prepare the blankets that have been washed and dried. Stack them according to the sequence of which blanket that you want from the last one to the first. This way, you want to have to rummage or making it look like a pile of unused clothes and blankets. Wipe the props that will be used later on, too.

Check and practice

Check your gear to make sure they’re all working all right. The battery should be charged if it’s low and lighting equipment should be able to kick in when necessary. Most importantly, if you’re still a beginner or learning, be sure to practice your shots.

Take references of the best baby photography sessions like the ones at www.sharanrai.com. This will help you start off without having to test too many new ideas on your own. Use dummies of babies to practice.

Remember to not force on a certain number of poses and go flexible. Not all babies will curl into the position that you want just because you’ve held them in long or forcefully. If it won’t work, then it won’t work. Move on to the next pose you have ready in your head.

Explain to parents

When clients arrive, help them to get comfortable as they will be staying for several hours now. Carry and get used to moving the baby around once the mother is trusting the baby on you. Explain briefly how the photography session is going to advance and that you might need the parents help from time to time. But for the rest of the time, they can rest.

Warm up to them

Mothers can be especially sensitive and tired about having their pictures taken. As they arrive, warm up and get close to the mother. This will help when you later have to direct her to have some pictures taken. During the wait, you can show some pictures of other mothers having their pictures taken with their babies.

Keep the directions simple and make use of natural light the most in baby photography. It will also the mother if you tell her that she doesn’t need to be much of a model and just act like how a mother would.

Event Photography Tips to Be Awesome

event photographyBecoming an event photographer isn’t the proudest thing one can do, but it’s still a great job. There are still people who seek out professional for their corporate events because they know they can’t screw the pictures to get a good picture for marketing purposes.

These tips will help you improve your event photography pictures and make them happier to hire you again for their next event.

Shoot before the event starts

Preparation of the event should never be passed. Remember to shoot the venue before it starts. It’s important to note that you will have to arrive earlier. Although it might sound like extra work, it’s worth it. Your client would like to see a complete document and the best look at the event to remember or share.

Overshoot should be limited

In such event, clients usually want their pictures to finish quick. Which means, you shouldn’t be enjoying your time and taking too many pictures of the event. Don’t double shoot too many things. Certain things, like the decoration, will do good with one or two pictures. Only guests and formal pictures should have 2 to 3 quick snaps.

You don’t have to send everything you took. The client will only want some of the best. Of course, if it’s an event like a birthday party, the client would love to have more, but for a corporate event, keep only the best pictures of all. There’s no need to shoot moments that you know no one wants to see. For example, the time when guests are given break times and go over to eat or to the toilet.

www.smartpicsukeventphotography.com take note of this very well. Event photography means to take the best pictures, but also to know when people don’t want to see the moment.

Don’t worry about formal pictures

Don’t worry about taking formal pictures. With such formal event, it’s only natural that you take some of the guests, especially the key figures. This also mean you need to remember who the important people of the event are and to take more pictures of them hanging out with the guests and other key figures.

Try to take them before the event starts. This is the moment when they still look good and fresh at the event. The later it is, the less they’d want to have their pictures taken, especially for women. The spirit is still there, but it’ll be up to your editing skills to keep it nice.

Preparing for the event

The last but not least thing to note is to prepare. You can visit the place and scout to find the right setting for your cameras. Check the itinerary and ask about it to your client. Make note of when key figures or spokesperson is going up the stage, so you can be ready at the right time at the right place.

Ready your memory card and camera’s battery for the day. You don’t have time to charge, so everything has to be ready when you get there. During this event photography, be sure that you’re not disturbing the guests and work as quiet as possible.

Wedding Video: How to Get the Best One

wedding videography MelbourneEverything about our wedding, we want only the best. While it can be hard to actually hire the best person in every aspect (due to price and budget), there’s always something you can do about it. This time, we’ll be telling you what you can do to help your videographer with your wedding videography Melbourne.

Do they need help? Why, there’s something you can do make sure that they can work at your wedding as smooth as possible. It’s not hard as long as you arrange your schedule accordingly.

Find a videographer you are comfortable with

The first thing to make sure that you can get the best wedding video is to know that you’re happy with the person you are working with. There are many people who subconsciously feel disappointed and cannot like the works of the people they hire because they didn’t like the person who did it. While we want to say that’s not true, psychology proves otherwise.

From the consultation part, make sure he’s someone you like talking to and listens to your concern. He has to be someone willing to discuss things, so the video can turn out well.

Get him to know your photographer

It’s also important that he can work with other vendors. Your videographer will be bringing a lot of equipment and will also require help from your DJ or the sound system staffs. This is because to make sure that your video will turn out well, he needs a high-quality recording of the day.

The case would be different if you booked wedding videography Melbourne from Black Avenue at www.blackavenueproductions.com.au. This is because they provide both photographer and videographer service, making it easier to work alongside each other.

If your photographer and videographer had everything discussed first, they won’t clash or interrupt each other in the middle of their job. It’ll be easier to things done neatly, too.

Discuss things with your videographer

You also need to have a good discussion with your videographer about the wedding. They will be filming and have to position themselves well before things start. This means you have to let them know beforehand if there are things that you specifically want to be shoot, like your own performance or someone important.

This also means that you need to inform your videographer if there are things you want to change about your wedding. Ask for their feedback and see if it’s okay with all your wedding vendors. This will help them anticipate and even tell you if it can be better.

Trust in your videographer

The last thing that you need to do is trust your videographer. Don’t let worry get you and distract you from enjoying the day. The job of your videographer is to take videos of your happiest day, but that would be hard if you have to be worried about the vendors and everything going on in the party.

Entrust the job to them and brief them if you have to before the party starts, but once it is, be the bride and groom you are for the day. These are the things you can do to make sure your wedding videography Melbourne won’t go to waste.

Cute Props Your Calgary Newborn Photography Should Include

Calgary newborn photographyThere are a lot of cute props that can be added to your drawers and wardrobes (and wherever you store your props). The Internet is filled with them but let us tell you the must-have props that you should take out for your every Calgary newborn photography session.

Of course, it’s a good thing to get a variety on them, such as different colors or character designs. But the point is, they should be used for every session because most parents would appreciate them very much!


It’s the trend and will still be for a very long time. The idea to see a cute baby hanging is a cute beanbag is just tickling; no one will hate the sight of it!

The beanbag name comes from the initial shape of a bean in green. But as you know, it’s always easy to find many different designs on beanbags. In fact, you can find some that will allow the hanging of two or more babies for twins!

When you want to use beanbags, make sure that you pile up a large amount of cushion under it. If you want to take pictures while showing the floor, it’s safer to shoot two different pictures and merge them when you do post-production.

Woven baskets

Another thing is to have babies inside woven baskets! It probably started as early as Moses time when Miriam put him into a basket and let him roll down the river, but anyway, babies in basket are just cute! It’s especially loveable if you can find baskets that make it easy to fit in the whole baby inside!

Remember to not just put the baby in the basket but put layers of blankets like what you can see in Calgary newborn photography session by dulcebabyphotography.com.

It’s also important to check if the woven basket has no sides that can possibly pricked the baby. This is also why we advise you to cover the baby with blankets before putting them in.

Giant cups

We are all suckers for babies in cups. Do you know how cute they are in these cups and sometimes, we have to try hard to not just squeeze the baby to death? Yes, that’s the power of enlarging things that are usually small.

Depending on your creativity, it does not have to a cup; you can get a small piano and put the sleeping newborn on it or get a giant spoon instead and have the baby curled up in it. Of course, you should play with color variations so that the same picture won’t appear for every client.

Remember as always to cover the baby with blankets. With most props that don’t have soft sides to it or clothing layers, you always have to prevent the baby from leaning on hard surfaces. Comfort is the main priority in ensuring the session goes on smoothly.

Your Internet is the limit to the props you can use for your Calgary newborn photography. It’s important that you rotate the props that you use, so that each picture will appear different and your clients can be satisfied as they don’t get just another similar picture.

Working Solo vs. Together: Why the Latter Rules

wedding photographers PortsmouthEven when we work in the same field, each of us has different ways of working. We have our own styles and techniques. James White Photography is an example among wedding photographers Portsmouth who works alone.

There are people who’ll say that they work better when they’re alone; they know their own schedule, where to stand when working, and won’t overlap themselves. So, is there really an up to working duo like how some wedding photographers Portsmouth do?

There’s only so much a single person can do

As a photographer, you may be able to call yourself a professional that knows what you are doing and where you should go. You know exactly how to position yourself. Those are all possible by a single photographer, but there are just things impossible to do no matter how good you are.

During the dress up session, you cannot be in two rooms at once. One of them have to wait or you’ll only have pictures of the bride’s. During the ceremony, you also have to move around a lot as you need to take pictures of the groom waiting and the bride walking down the aisle. There are also emotional guests you need to take pictures of and, let’s admit it, we miss some of them. Sometimes, we don’t even know what we missed.

If quality is your priority…

Our job as wedding photographers Portsmouth may be the same: to take pictures of the wedding event. But our approach can be different. Some photographers prioritize the number of pictures they can take. While more professional ones will prioritize quality and precious moments to be captured.

If the latter is you than a second photographer is a great idea. Why? One more photographer can add up the total amount of pictures and seem to be more fitting to the first type of photographer. However, there’s no point in taking the exact same pictures and discarding them during post-production. It’s simply counterproductive.

Variety and complicity

Most wedding photographer takes ceremony pictures from one popular point of view. But that’s it. Your wedding photographer cannot rush to the second point (which means running across the hall as everybody’s eyes on him) and take the pictures.

This is just for one case. There are a lot of cases in wedding photography where the anadditional shooter can give so much variety and spices to the wedding pictures. This is so much more meaningful than simply taking more pictures without any purpose. Of course, a proper coordination and discussion have to be done before commencing on the job.


Remember the dress up the case? One shooter can only shoot in one place. But another shooter will speed up the process so much faster. Imagine if the bride is going to get ready at her grandma’s house and the groom is getting ready at the hotel. How many hours are wasted by the groom as he has to wait for bride’s session to finish?

Get someone of your caliber

All these great benefits can only be enjoyed if you get yourself the right person to do it. Someone reliable, talented, and ready to learn if he/she is still a beginner. Maintain quality and assure your clients that you are both professional and better, tell them the great things about what two wedding photographers can do.

Portrait Photography: Aperture, Exposure, Autofocus, Expression, and Flash

portrait photographyThese are the five things that we will cover in this article. Often than not, when doing portrait photography, one just need an article that will help to kick-start the picture-taking. There’s no need to discuss in depth on the type of lenses and cameras that are going to cost you a fortune. What you need right now is to learn the technique and make sure that you are able to enjoy the activity.

Of course, you still need a camera and the lens

It’s mandatory. At least a good body camera with a good sensor and a reliable zoom lens (prime lens is also great if it fits you). Make sure that you are comfortable with zooming and out and familiar with the settings of your camera.

1. Exposure

With exposure setting, you’ll be able to override the brightness and the amount of light your camera is receiving. Although it automatically decides how much light should get in and how ‘bright’ the pictures should look like, it takes into consideration the majority of the frame.

An example is when you want to shoot something against the sun or bright background, subjects in front of it will go dark. With a DSLR camera, you can set the exposure to +1 to increase the brightness of the pictures, or higher as you need it to be.

2. Aperture

If your subject is facing straight at you, the narrow aperture is a good choice to get that nice bokeh of the background. But in portrait, always remember that you also take different angles of your subject’s face, which means there’s also a side look and narrow aperture will make the pictures turn out weird.

Use a wide aperture to prevent blurring one side of the face and to get a clear, crisp shot of your client.

3. Autofocus

Portrait photography means working with your client in close-range. This makes focusing a very important part of the job. Don’t focus on the wrong spot of the face; focus on the forehead, and you’ll blue the nose, focus on the nose, and you’ll blur the eyes.

Pinpoint single AF focus on the eye, half press the shutter and reposition yourself to finish the shot.

4. Expression

No matter how good you are at taking pictures, what really matters the most is the subject you are shooting. Working as a portrait photographer means that you will be meeting people for the first time and you need to them to own the camera. They have to be able to express themselves.

Not all people like being in front of a camera, admit that. Which means that you need to make them at least feel comfortable in front of you. Building rapport is an important part of the job. Break the ice and make the session enjoyable is the trick. Ask general questions and talk about things like friends. Your client won’t be too hesitant in posing and acting in front of you anymore!

5. Flash and reflectors

There are lots of functions you can use flash for. Not just lighting up the dark, fill flash is also a technique that you use when shadows are formed on the face of the subject. This is usually done when the sun is shining too bright and creates silhouettes, or when the weather is not bright enough to light up the client.

Reflectors are another great thing. By reflecting the sunlight back to the face of the client, you’ll get natural light without having to flash annoyingly on the client.