Wedding Tips You Won’t Get From Blogs


wedding photographer surreyAssign someone to crowd source the photos that your guests end up taking before the event ends. Even if you already have a professional wedding photographer Surrey strategically positioned, you still need to know for sure that you are getting the photos produced from the perspective of your guests who will be attending the wedding as well. This is the digital age and practically anyone and everyone actually owns a digital camera or a smart phone. Either way, this is a particular source that you ought to try to tap into in all of the best ways possible. Obviously, given the fact that you are most likely busy with all of the focus and attention of guests and photographers alike being on you all the time, the truth of the matter is that you don’t have to insist on doing things yourself at the end of the day. This way, you get to conveniently collate the photos without having to go through the hassle of chasing people down one by one. You also get to have a far better chance and collecting all of the photos instead of carefully curated pieces.

Alone time.

Take some time for yourself when you are preparing for professional wedding photography. You should plan things ahead of time so that you wouldn’t have to rush through anything while you are there or during the day of the wedding itself. When you are grooming yourself, make sure that you are as detailed as much as possible in the planning, preparation, and actual execution of your wedding photography coverage. This is not the kind of thing that you will be able to rush through with one way or the other. You need to go ahead and take things like this into account all of the time. Don’t think that anything can be pulled off with the drop of a hat. Good things take a lot of time. Great things are bound to take even longer and this is what you need to prepare for if you are ever going to pull through with professional wedding photography successfully. Anything worth looking into will not work if it is rushed and that is what you need to start paying attention to when it all comes down to it. Wedding photography is aimed to make the bride come out looking beautiful and glowing. Have a more relaxed and laidback approach to it by planning ahead and doing things in advance all of the time.

Get a coordinator.

Always assign a coordinator to make the rigors of wedding photography so much easier for you to bear at the end of the day. You will be stressed and pressured into giving out all of the directions and orders that your wedding photographer Surrey will need if you don’t happen to have a great coordinator that you can trust and rely on to help coordinate things for you. Go for someone close to you such as a confidante or a family relative, someone who happens to know most, if not all of the family and the rest of your circle of friends.

Things To Ask From Your Wedding Photographer

Always ask your Lancashire wedding photographer for a first look shoot.

wedding photographer LancashireIt will help you get rid of the pre wedding jitters and it will help you and your partner prepare for the entire wedding day that is about to take place. A first look shoot is basically a photo shoot with your partner an hour or two before the wedding. Being in front of a camera can spook some people out and can make people feel uncomfortable and this can very well be the case with you and your partner which is why a first look shoot will turn out to be extremely helpful when it comes to that particular issue.

Go for something private so that you wouldn’t have to worry too much about other people looking on. You will warm up to it eventually and you will see that things will be so much easier in the long run. More than that, if you opted out of an engagement shoot, then a first look shoot will be able to take its place. It is the perfect practice for you and for your partner.

Try to see if you can ask for a discount for the referrals that you can bring in.

A professional Lancashire wedding photographer will always be keen on booking future business somewhere along the way and this is the type of thing that you will more or less be able to capitalize on as a client as well so make sure that you put your contacts to good use. Point them to the direction of the Lancashire wedding photographer that you are currently working with. When someone from your list of contacts pencil books with that Lancashire wedding photographer, he might be more than happy to give you a price cut which can really help out a lot in minimizing the kind of impact that it will have on your overall wedding budget. Even if you aren’t getting a discount upfront, you might be getting discounts on your wedding photo printouts and that always helps with the costs.

Ask for a pre wedding meet up.

You have to at least see how he looks like, sounds like, how his ideas flow through and whether or not you are jiving in terms of philosophies and personalities as well. The Lancashire wedding photographer that you book with will be the main wedding vendor that you will be working the most hours with and it is very important for you as a client to be comfortable in and around his presence at some point or so if you would like your wedding photos to turn out the best way. Make it a point to go ahead and take a look at the profiles of the cream of the crop in wedding photography in your local Lancashire listings. Go for someone like who already has a name to uphold and take care of because she is bound to take care of you as well in all of the best ways at the end of the day.

4 Baby Photography Tips to Really Improve Your Baby Portrait Photos Today

baby photographyFor the baby photography, it becomes important that every precious picture taken of the baby denotes quality and encompasses all the necessities that the parents are looking for. After all, the main reason why the parents approached her for baby photography was because they wanted a proper documentation of the growth of their child and doing a haphazard job is not in the books. With this in mind, the baby photographer becomes fast pressed to think of more beguiling ideas for pictures instead of the common ordinary ones that seem to be a constant.

The following are 3 baby photography tips that should help in improving the final baby pictures:

Be Camera Ready

This means that at all time, the baby photographer needs to have themselves prepared to shoot. The cameras must also be set to a shoot ready mode as babies can be unpredictable. They may be asleep one moment then wide awake the next or laughing at an inner joke and all of a sudden gazing at something with the utmost concentration. Going by the way they jump from one emotion to the other, these moments can be fleeting and it would pay the photographer well to get themselves in a picture ready mode.

Be Natural

Another thing to take into mind is the need for props. There are certain times where props add more to the frame of a shoot and there are other times when it detracts from it and only acts as a distraction from the main subject which ought to be the baby. With this in mind, it becomes up to the photographer to determine if the baby photographs being taken should be kept as natural as possible or make use of some other elements to improve the shot. Whatever the decision, as long as the baby is still the main focus, then the photographer can go ahead.


Even when everything does not work out from the type of props being used to the type of background, as long as the perfect lighting is put into use, the best pictures can also be gotten. Perfect lighting can be any photographer’s best friend as it highlights the sparkle of the baby’s eyes, makes the skin glow and makes sure that there is no mistaken who the subject of the picture actually is. What can be helpful in this case is a camera and lens with an aperture.

Fill the frame

The only way you can fill the frame of the picture and make sure that there is no confusion about who the main subject of the picture is, would be by getting close to the baby. Babies are relatively harmless so there is no need to stay away from them. As a baby photographer, you should be open to trying out different angles to get the best shots even if it involves laying on the floor to get the perspective from the baby. For examples of such instance, pay a visit to

Tips for Indian Wedding Photography: Hiring Wedding Photographers

Indian wedding photographyHow important is a wedding?

The importance of a wedding cannot be measured but it can definitely be felt as it is deemed as one of the more important days in the life of any individual. To some, it can be described as a sacred and special occasion all in one. The special nature of it is not only felt by the couple but by everyone who is close to them. The fact that the couple also want this moment to be remembered for a lifetime is just another contributing factor to its importance.

The Indian wedding

The Indian wedding is always filled with rituals and various other pertinent elements that make them a joy to behold. Indian weddings are more than just about the couple tying the knot but a display of tradition and culture. You see that the couple are not the only ones with a stake on the wedding but most of their family have a vested interest in it. For them, it may even be an avenue to reconnect with friends and family they haven’t seen in a while.

The various elements of the Indian wedding are what constitute its memorable nature hence the reason why Indian wedding photography is very important. The couple knows that hiring just any wedding photographer for the day will not do as they need someone who not only knows how to take picture but the person understands the traditions, rituals and culture that will be on display on that day. So when it comes down to hire this Indian wedding photography professional (, they must exercise care in deciding if he or she can actually capture the important memories.

The wedding album and mayhap the wedding movie are two elements that will be the only long standing reminder of the wedding day. Friends and families will also have an interest in seeing how the wedding photographs eventually turned out whenever a visit is paid to the new couple. This goes to show that over the coming years, the memories of the wedding will be constantly relived and to make sure that the pictures live up to the importance of the day, Indian wedding photography expert should be sought.

The following are some points to remember when hiring photographers for an Asian wedding:

    • The photographer needs to be someone who focuses on Indian wedding photography and also has experience under his belt. The training of the photographer is also important as this can make a difference in the way they go about recording the wedding memories.
    • Before booking the photographer, it would be advisable to check out the equipment they use for the photography. If possible, try to garner some knowledge about the equipment used by photographers beforehand.
    • The best photographers are the ones that always have a backup plan for a backup plan.
    • The Indian wedding has a lot of intricacies to it with different rituals going on so discuss the services that will get you the best from your wedding scenario.

Ways To Cut Down On Wedding Photography Costs

Foremost, you need to understand right now that you need a professional to take care of your wedding photography needs.

photographer BuckinghamshireThis is not the type of thing that you can just play by ear or cross the bridge when you get there. You have to understand that this is the type of thing that you ought to plan out really meticulously as much as you possibly can. You have to understand that professional produced photos of your wedding don’t just happen to be produced on a whim or on account of luck or anything coincidental like that. If you want to get great looking photos at the end of the day, then you should get a professional photographer Buckinghamshire on board. Get someone who is really great at what he does.

Review the portfolios of great wedding photographers such as Review the kind of work that they have done in the past and try to see if this is something that you are willing enough to have a shot at when it all comes down to it. You cannot get the best of the best out there if you don’t have the best on board. Focus on what you can find out about the top wedding photographers in your local listings and try to see if this is the type of thing that you can work out. Plan out your searches accordingly and you will soon see some pretty interesting outcomes from all of your efforts. Don’t just settle for an amateur. More than that don’t book an amateur wedding photographer and expect professional looking photos from his efforts or services.

Look at the portfolios closely.

The portfolios tell a story and you just need to take a closer look in order to find them. Every wedding photographer’s portfolio will turn out to be different one way or the other. Open up your mind a bit about it and try to go ahead and explore the possibilities of what you have right in front of you when it all comes down to it. When you assess the portfolios of the wedding photographers that you are thinking about booking, you have to gauge a bunch of stuff from the lighting to the quality of the composition to the emotions that are being conveyed in the shots to the techniques used in the post production of the photos. Even if you don’t really know a lot about photography styles and techniques, the longer you look at portfolios of different wedding photographers in the industry, the better able you will be in judging how they work and how they produce. Take note of the fact though that it will not be possible for a wedding photographer to replicate his previous works exactly. Each and every single wedding is bound to be unique. You can work on a revolving theme though and that is the type of thing that you ought to talk to your wedding photographer about in advance at the end of the day.

Book your photographer 6 months early.

Wedding photographers are oftentimes in demand, especially the really great ones. You have to make sure that you have put in a booking ahead of time just to make sure that your specific wedding and wedding date will be accommodated by the photographer that you actually like the most out of all of the other photographers who happen to be doing business or opening up shop in your local area.

Newborn Photographer Aberdeen: Top Things to Look for

newborn photographer AberdeenYou can almost compare the process of choosing a newborn photographer Aberdeen with the process of choosing paediatricians. The reason being that both of them not only require research but they need you to be deeply vested in the results you get from the services offered. The steps are quite similar as you ask your close friends or family members about the ones they made use of, you even make an attempt to ask your parents about how they got a hold of a newborn photographer to get your pictures taken as a baby.

The good thing about present day is the fact that it is the internet age and you can spend hours online simply browsing the net for newborn photographers Aberdeen and coming across websites with hundreds of pictures. With the overload of information of the internet, the question then becomes what do you look for in a photographer? Are there certain attributes or traits that must be evident and how do you go about noticing these attributes? The answer to these questions is below but before going ahead to read, it would be wise to try forming your own list of requirements.


For newborns, this means the age of your child is between 2 – 6 weeks old and as a result, you need someone who is able to be attentive. The photographer you seek should not be someone who is in a hurry to invite the next appointment in while neglecting to take the necessary precautionary measures to make sure that not only is your child safe but the pictures being taken are very detailed. A photographer that schedules another appointment around the same time as your shoot cannot give you the full attention you want on your child so before you find yourself in a situation like this, simply ask the photographer if they have another shoot scheduled for the same day as yours and what time it is.


Photographers need to be efficient when it comes to their line of work but this is something that a newborn photographer needs to have in droves. It is standard behaviour for babies to be fussy especially when they are newborns and they do not like to get dressed or changed and would rather spend the whole day napping and eating. It is really important that your photographer should have a rough sketch or an idea of what shots need to be taken and the order they should be taken. There should also be backups to this plan in case there happens to be unwarranted situations. A simple way to know if your photographer is efficient is by simply asking if they have a plan for shots to be taken.

The Home Option

The best time for newborn photographs is before they reach the 2 weeks mark. At such a tender age, taking them to an unfamiliar studio environment is really not the best choice. The best thing to do would be to look for a photographer that will come to you. For more about this, visit The newborn photographer Aberdeen should be able to feel comfortable enough anywhere to perform their job. Simply ask your newborn photographer where they normally take newborn pictures.

Basic Photography SEO Strategy To Attract More Leads

photography seoThe best professional photographers are not the best business individuals out there. So it should not be surprising that a simple task such as marketing through a website is not easy for them. Most of these professionals get surprised by the fact that the creation of a website that does not immediately lead to the growth of their business as only a few random guests stop by once in a while.

There have been instances of photographers calling their websites “virtual ghost towns” all because the number of visitors attracted in a week barely totalled 20. The low level of website traffic is insufficient in generating good quality leads. This becomes even harder when the people who visit the site only stay for a few seconds and bounce away just after looking at one page.

If the photographers fail to get to the root of the problem, they stand the risk of putting the blame of lack of steady traffic on all kinds of factors e.g. the website design. Most individuals feel attracted to looks but obviously in this case, the look and feel of the website has nothing on the traffic flow seeing as the visitor to your site are generally unaware of what the website looks like before it loads on their browser. So definitely, website design is not to blame.

Most likely, the root of the problem is a lack of an organised photography seo strategy.

The experts know that poor seo would lead to low traffic and although some of these professional photographers have heard of the term “search engine optimization (SEO)”, they are still ignorant on how important it is. Some of them might have tried a thing or the other due to the recommendations made by authority photography seo sites like but they might have recorded varying degrees of success due to the fact that they did not seek the professionals on the site to assist with it.

An example better illustrates how this is possible. Individuals have a misconception that photography seo is all about adding keywords to website pages and the more the merrier. Yes keywords are the fundamental units of SEO but taking the offensive and inputting the target keyword in every sentence on the website page does more harm than good as your site can get blacklisted never to be seen again on search engines. SEO is even more than sprinkling certain keywords into website pages as certain things have to be done alongside it for it to be successful.

The individuals that decide to try their hand at SEO due to the basic knowledge gotten from how-to sites do not know that no true SEO professional reveals his secret easily and some of the knowledge gotten might be flawed or incomplete. So when the professionals try it, they end up getting confused or disillusioned by SEO when the results do not leave up to set expectations. This results in them giving up in the whole concept of SEO and they lack a working photography SEO strategy. The best way to attract more leads to the website will be to seek the services of a professional and work on a proper SEO strategy.


Fun Family Photography

family photographerIn the quest for attaining the perfect family photograph, most individuals tend to ignore the fun part of the photographs and instead put on a more serious approach to it. This should not be case and what your Denver family photographer is sure to tell you is that family photographer should not be viewed as a hassle to the family members if the photographer does not consider it so. All you need when is a bit of planning to get things operating smoothly and then the fun can start.

The first thing that needs to be done in the planning stages of the family photographs is finding a location. Your Denver family photographer ( can certainly help with this especially if the studio is not the place you want to have your family pictures taken. Note that when deciding on a location, it should be one that has a lot of space for posing with natural light in abundance. Going the route of an outdoor venue is also plausible as long as the weather allows for it.

Lighting the family photographs

There is no difference between the family photographs and other forms of photographs where lighting is concerned as the abundance or lack of lighting is sure to have an effect on the outcome of the pictures. Your family photographer is already bound to know that too much light might lead to squinting and the presence of shadows in the picture and would work towards attaining a balance. The fact that family photographs are taken for different purposes one of the prominent ones being for recording means that they need to be as clear as possible. Making use of natural light is the best way to achieve good results so if possible, try taking the pictures early in the morning or at sunset to get the right illumination.

Have a relaxed atmosphere

Family photographs are meant to be fun and not the staid affair most people take them to be. Individuals find it easier to relax in a fun environment so make sure that when you hire a Denver family photographer, he or she knows how to foster relaxation and bring the fun during the process of photograph shooting. Making funny faces allows for the smiles on the faces of family members to seem more natural and also encourages relaxation.


Remember that the aim of this family photograph is to create a lasting memory of unity but that does not mean you should only stick to the traditional poses. Once interaction is encouraged among family members, it becomes easier to break out of the mold of stuffy poses for more natural relaxed ones. You can have your family members put their arms around each other or seat on each other’s lap as this way natural looking photographs can be gotten.

Fill the frame

The best family photographs are the ones that place sole focus on the family that is, there is no background distraction drawing away from the family images. An easy way to ensure that this is possible is by filling the frame of the pictures with the family’s image thereby centering the focus on their faces.

Bournemouth Portrait Photography Shoot 101

Bournemouth photographerWhen you prep up the right way for a Bournemouth portrait photography shoot, you can be quite rest assured of the fact that you will end up with all of the right photos and with all of the right results at the end of the day. Going the extra mile and really looking and thinking about things ahead of time could turn out to make all of the difference in the world and this is something that you can very well pull off for as long as you focus on what you have at hand. Portrait photo shoots don’t have to be overbearing and intimidating.

Even if you aren’t the type of person who is quite used to being in front of the camera all of the time, it is something that you will be able to ace and actually succeed in and eventually come out with more than exemplary looking photos at the end of the day if you prepare well enough for it. Of course, you will also need a great Bournemouth photographer to make the photo shoot a success.

A few tips here and there to help get you started can really help boost your confidence when it comes to what you are trying to pull off at some point or so and this can really impact the way that your photos are taken and produced.

Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes

During the day of the Bournemouth portrait photography shoot, make sure that you wear comfortable and loose fitting clothing. Tight clothes can make you feel inadequate and uncomfortable and more than that, it can leave tight marks around your skin. The redness and the tight markings aren’t the type of things that you would want to end up with one way or the other so make sure that you opt for clothes that are easy to wear instead. Keep in mind of the fact that you will be changing clothes every now and then as well and what this technically means is that you might risk irritating your skin and end up with delays if you wear clothes that are far too tight for comfort. You can always wear nice clothes and even tight ones during the photo shoot but not before. Your skin doesn’t need the added stress. Make it a point to give your skin some time to breathe.

Know what your strengths are in terms of angles so that you can pose yourself the right way.

Not only will you be able to control the way that you come out looking like in the photos, you also get to make sure that you end up being more confident during the Bournemouth portrait photography shoot. Practice in front of the mirror all of the time. Study how the light falls on your face and which direction you should tilt it to. More often than not, women in general already have a bit of an idea of what their best angles are but it is always so much better for you to revisit that just to be sure. Your mirror is your best ally and your best friend so put it to good use.

Learning About Edinburgh Wedding Photography

Know more about wedding photography

photographer from EdinburghWhen planning out your wedding, you need to make sure that you are able to more or less take it upon yourself to really find out a thing or two about wedding photography. You will end up regretting it if you don’t make sure that you have a great wedding photographer on board for your wedding. It is one of the most important and pivotal wedding decisions that you will ever get to make as an up and coming bride. Luckily enough for you, there are a lot of sources you can make use of so that you can learn a thing or two about wedding photography in general. Don’t take this for granted. Your pictures during the wedding day will be the most memorable mementos that you will get to take out of it and this is why hiring a professional photographer from Edinburgh who is perfect for the job should always turn out to be your main priority no matter what happens.

Search for info online

The internet will turn out to be one of your very best friends when you are trying to learn the ropes of wedding photography. Although there are still a lot of things that you might want to learn first hand, the internet is a pretty good base for you to more or less have an idea about the trade, how things happen, what the normal products and service inclusions are, and so on and so forth. For as long as you are willing to get right down to the details of it, you should be at a pretty good place. Go ahead and start firing up your computer or your mobile phone because the knowledge is right at your fingertips and all you need to do is to start looking up searches for ideas and the like. Join online groups and forums that offer advice and insights on hiring a wedding photographer. There is so much to learn and so many people that you can learn from if you only make use of the resources that you have and for as long as you are willing to learn as much as you can about it.

Talk to your wedding planner.

Your wedding planner is also quite useful and knows a lot about wedding photography and about all things and services related to weddings so you will find it in your best interest to seek out info from her as well as much as possible. Talk to your wedding planner and talk to her about what your wedding photography plans and pegs are so that she can bring in some useful insights that will really help you map out the preparations and help you pick out the best professional Edinburgh wedding photographer for the job at the end of the day.

Talk to your wedding planner about the requirements that you have for your wedding photographer, what the photography style is, and what level of experience you require. This will give her a little but more idea and knowledge about who might turn out to be the best candidate for the job when it all comes down to it.