(Part 1) 10 essential lessons for your child

In the previous article we have clarified some of the important point in educating children. This article is a follow-up article from that article. This article will discuss 10 crucial lessons for your child in the age of development. In the previous article we have given you information about the age of the child at its best. If you haven’t read the previous article please read The important point is that you should remember when educating children for you to related information.

The following 10 essential lessons for your child:

1. Learn to say no

This first point is not a point to the negative. Learning tosay no is meant here is for the greater good. For example if your child’sfriends from often wayward on the command of his master and invite your childto follow what was done by his friend. Then action needs to be taken by thechild is not on her friend told her not to follow what was done by his friend.You as a parent should really pay attention to this because your child also hasa friend.

2. Loving and safeguarding the environment

Mincintai and safeguarding the environment is important toyour child. For example your are picnic don’t forget to bring a bag set asideput garbage if you are on a picnic area. This will provide education to yourchild that the environment around you need to keep with the one way is to notthrow trash disembarangan the fixed place in order that the place looks nice.

3. Tell the teacher if it hurts

Sometimes the children are afraid to give information to ateacher. This is normal to happen because kids have a level of sensitivity tohis teacher considered the figure needs to be respected. But fear of teachersto different conditions are not required for example if your child is havingstomach pain and the need for going to the bathroom. Then the action does istell to teachers to allow into the bathroom so that you do not hold yourstomach aches a lot longer because it has sought permission to his teacher.

4. Ask the teacher if you don’t understand the importantlessons

This point is almost similar to third on points. Indeed somechildren do not have the courage to communicate with the teacher. However, youas a parent should give the sense that the teacher is their parents when theywere in school. Give the sense that the teacher asked about lessons being givenno prior is wrong if your child asking something that is not yet fullyunderstood.

5. do not join do naughty just to be friends

Child is a gift from God that has a will of its own. Thiscan be seen from a child’s behavior often make friends in their surroundings.Finding friends is not the wrong thing in life. But make friends by doing thewrong thing is naughty. For example a child who does ignorance at the school tomake friends. You as a parent have to explain that to find good friends is bycreating a group that discusses the lessons given by teachers.

We apologize for this article we will split into 2 parts.Why did we divide the two sections? Because we have the limitations of a teamof writers. But it is not possible to add the author at a later date.

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