Cute Props Your Calgary Newborn Photography Should Include

Calgary newborn photographyThere are a lot of cute props that can be added to your drawers and wardrobes (and wherever you store your props). The Internet is filled with them but let us tell you the must-have props that you should take out for your every Calgary newborn photography session.

Of course, it’s a good thing to get a variety on them, such as different colors or character designs. But the point is, they should be used for every session because most parents would appreciate them very much!


It’s the trend and will still be for a very long time. The idea to see a cute baby hanging is a cute beanbag is just tickling; no one will hate the sight of it!

The beanbag name comes from the initial shape of a bean in green. But as you know, it’s always easy to find many different designs on beanbags. In fact, you can find some that will allow the hanging of two or more babies for twins!

When you want to use beanbags, make sure that you pile up a large amount of cushion under it. If you want to take pictures while showing the floor, it’s safer to shoot two different pictures and merge them when you do post-production.

Woven baskets

Another thing is to have babies inside woven baskets! It probably started as early as Moses time when Miriam put him into a basket and let him roll down the river, but anyway, babies in basket are just cute! It’s especially loveable if you can find baskets that make it easy to fit in the whole baby inside!

Remember to not just put the baby in the basket but put layers of blankets like what you can see in Calgary newborn photography session by

It’s also important to check if the woven basket has no sides that can possibly pricked the baby. This is also why we advise you to cover the baby with blankets before putting them in.

Giant cups

We are all suckers for babies in cups. Do you know how cute they are in these cups and sometimes, we have to try hard to not just squeeze the baby to death? Yes, that’s the power of enlarging things that are usually small.

Depending on your creativity, it does not have to a cup; you can get a small piano and put the sleeping newborn on it or get a giant spoon instead and have the baby curled up in it. Of course, you should play with color variations so that the same picture won’t appear for every client.

Remember as always to cover the baby with blankets. With most props that don’t have soft sides to it or clothing layers, you always have to prevent the baby from leaning on hard surfaces. Comfort is the main priority in ensuring the session goes on smoothly.

Your Internet is the limit to the props you can use for your Calgary newborn photography. It’s important that you rotate the props that you use, so that each picture will appear different and your clients can be satisfied as they don’t get just another similar picture.