Event Photography Tips to Be Awesome

event photographyBecoming an event photographer isn’t the proudest thing one can do, but it’s still a great job. There are still people who seek out professional for their corporate events because they know they can’t screw the pictures to get a good picture for marketing purposes.

These tips will help you improve your event photography pictures and make them happier to hire you again for their next event.

Shoot before the event starts

Preparation of the event should never be passed. Remember to shoot the venue before it starts. It’s important to note that you will have to arrive earlier. Although it might sound like extra work, it’s worth it. Your client would like to see a complete document and the best look at the event to remember or share.

Overshoot should be limited

In such event, clients usually want their pictures to finish quick. Which means, you shouldn’t be enjoying your time and taking too many pictures of the event. Don’t double shoot too many things. Certain things, like the decoration, will do good with one or two pictures. Only guests and formal pictures should have 2 to 3 quick snaps.

You don’t have to send everything you took. The client will only want some of the best. Of course, if it’s an event like a birthday party, the client would love to have more, but for a corporate event, keep only the best pictures of all. There’s no need to shoot moments that you know no one wants to see. For example, the time when guests are given break times and go over to eat or to the toilet.

www.smartpicsukeventphotography.com take note of this very well. Event photography means to take the best pictures, but also to know when people don’t want to see the moment.

Don’t worry about formal pictures

Don’t worry about taking formal pictures. With such formal event, it’s only natural that you take some of the guests, especially the key figures. This also mean you need to remember who the important people of the event are and to take more pictures of them hanging out with the guests and other key figures.

Try to take them before the event starts. This is the moment when they still look good and fresh at the event. The later it is, the less they’d want to have their pictures taken, especially for women. The spirit is still there, but it’ll be up to your editing skills to keep it nice.

Preparing for the event

The last but not least thing to note is to prepare. You can visit the place and scout to find the right setting for your cameras. Check the itinerary and ask about it to your client. Make note of when key figures or spokesperson is going up the stage, so you can be ready at the right time at the right place.

Ready your memory card and camera’s battery for the day. You don’t have time to charge, so everything has to be ready when you get there. During this event photography, be sure that you’re not disturbing the guests and work as quiet as possible.