Baby Photography: Guide to Prepare

baby photographyNo matter how much you’ve prepared your mentality, physical preparation is just also as important. That said, what are the things that should due to being done on the day of the baby photography session?


Start the day by running through your list and calling the parents that are due to come today. Call them to make sure that they remember and will come on time. Use this chance to remind them of anything that would be unfortunate if forgotten. For example, if there are any extra props they’d like to use or to wear something nice as parents for the photography session.

After confirming that they’ll come with no problem, it’s time to get the set ready.

Cleaning up

The cleaning part can be done the day before if the photography session is going to be early. If it’s not, doing it in the morning is also great. Dust out anything to prevent the baby from getting irritated or coughing. Remember that hygiene is vital to keep the baby comfortable in the room.

Prepare the blankets that have been washed and dried. Stack them according to the sequence of which blanket that you want from the last one to the first. This way, you want to have to rummage or making it look like a pile of unused clothes and blankets. Wipe the props that will be used later on, too.

Check and practice

Check your gear to make sure they’re all working all right. The battery should be charged if it’s low and lighting equipment should be able to kick in when necessary. Most importantly, if you’re still a beginner or learning, be sure to practice your shots.

Take references of the best baby photography sessions like the ones at This will help you start off without having to test too many new ideas on your own. Use dummies of babies to practice.

Remember to not force on a certain number of poses and go flexible. Not all babies will curl into the position that you want just because you’ve held them in long or forcefully. If it won’t work, then it won’t work. Move on to the next pose you have ready in your head.

Explain to parents

When clients arrive, help them to get comfortable as they will be staying for several hours now. Carry and get used to moving the baby around once the mother is trusting the baby on you. Explain briefly how the photography session is going to advance and that you might need the parents help from time to time. But for the rest of the time, they can rest.

Warm up to them

Mothers can be especially sensitive and tired about having their pictures taken. As they arrive, warm up and get close to the mother. This will help when you later have to direct her to have some pictures taken. During the wait, you can show some pictures of other mothers having their pictures taken with their babies.

Keep the directions simple and make use of natural light the most in baby photography. It will also the mother if you tell her that she doesn’t need to be much of a model and just act like how a mother would.