Cheshire wedding photographerIt is important to know what your Cheshire wedding photographer is capable of. It’s not just about answering basic questions; you have to get a photographer that will be able to give you answers to your concerns as well. Follow our guide if you want to launch the most important questions for your wedding photographer.

Ask their specialization

Some photographers prefer to work only on wedding photography, but others might spread their job into several others. They do family and portrait as well. The best choice? Well, we have to be honest that a photographer who focuses on wedding photography only is the best catch. You want to see your pictures professionally done and a photographer like that tends to have more time to concentrate.

It can also be seen from their work frequency. You can additionally ask how many weddings offers they take on every year. It should not be more than 40-50 every year especially if the photographer does other photography as well.


Their experience in wedding photography is also important obviously. From how long they do photography in general to wedding photography specifically, the longer the better. You may additionally inquire if the photographer has ever worked at the venue you rented or what they usually do with wedding pictures of the season that you’ve chosen.

Experience helps you see how well-informed and skilled the photographer is. The most he’s worked on similar settings and conditions, the better it is for you. A professional and experienced Cheshire wedding photographer we know is from Do check him out because we are sure you will love his works.


Without a doubt, the portfolio is the best way to see if you like the pictures the photographer does. It is also the only way to see if you will like the results of the wedding pictures he does on you. The portfolio shows the style of the photographer and we have a good advice on this.

Instead of believing all the pictures you see on their site, you need to request for more works, if possible, a whole sample album. You want to see, not just the best, but the general work of the photographer. This will also help you in asking the photographer more questions such as how did he get some of them and how much editing happened there.

Price and extra charges

Lastly, it Is going to be about price. If that’s not a problem for you, you can happily skip this part and start writing your interview question list. If it is, learn to negotiate. We are not telling you to negotiate like you are in a traditional market. Ask if it is possible to change the content of the package into something that you truly want. For example, can the extra hours be removed for less price?

Such is how you question a Cheshire wedding photographer to see if that person is who you want to use. It’s important to take your time asking each photographer about it or you might miss the fact that someone is a better choice to make.