(Part 2) 10 essential lessons for your child

Hello everyone, hope you’re in the best of circumstances. We’re continuing the previous article which was discussing the 5 important lessons for children from 10 important lessons. This article discusses the sequence to complete. Previously we apologize to readers because we made this article into 2 parts because of a limited team of writers. And especially for those of you who haven’t read the first part of this article please read it first so that you can understand what is being discussed on the important lessons to children as a whole. The article can be accessed here.

The following sequence to 6 to 10 important lesson for children:

6. Defend yourself

Defend yourself for a child that is meant here is notnegative. This would be different if you make a mistake and your child defendthemselves to look your child into the right figure. Don’t ever do it becauseit will affect the development of your own children. Defend yourself does is ifyour child is bullied by friends who are ignorant then actions must defenditself in order for children to have high self-esteem in front of her friendwho is naughty. It will provide education to the children that a child hasvalue in itself.

7. A parent is a friend who can talk about anything

This point is the most important point for you as a parent.The point where you have to put yourself as a friend of your child. So yourchild will tell you what has been done in or outside the home. Communicationwith children is something that is very important for parents with childrenthat parents understand their child’s condition.

8. Knowledge is worth more than the value of writing

Parents often will scold his son who gets an ugly on thelesson at school. When the value of the ugly is not the most decisive parameterfor child development. You as a parent must understand that behind of ugly onlessons at school there are other knowledge possessed of a child.

9. Don’t be afraid to commit mistakes

Mistakes often assume bad things being in on the child. Butnot all of it is a mistake of malice. An example is when your child who isundergoing development made a mistake at the time counting. You as a parent donot be angry with your child. Appreciate them because they’re trying to learnarithmetic. The actions that you do should justify the mistakes from your childand try again. This will stimulate your child to try new things and not beafraid on the mistakes that he made will be in the future.

10. respect friends, both men and women

Not only do you as older people who have friends but you arein fact is the human will interact to fellow human beings. However, you as aparent must teach your child to respect his friend regardless of gender.Having outlined the 10 important lesson for yourchild, we hope you can implement it to real life. We would be very pleased ifour article is beneficial to you and your child. Continue to read our articlesbecause we will continue to write how to educate children about child relatedor. We write based on the study of the literature that we get. We are sorry Ifwe made a mistake.

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