Related questions children and parents

related questions children and parents
related questions children and parents

Hello all, some days we don’t give you allthe writing on this website. This is not because we had no intention of writingsomething that is good for you but our limitations against the author. In thisarticle we have something very unique, something which in reality oftenobtained in the real world. We have been getting a few questions relatedissues. need to remember here we are simply the author, what we do is based onliterature studies experts. We absolutely do not want plunges you intosomething bad. So we will give the answer which is represented by expertsassociated with children and parents. Just have a look at the first questionfrom someone who has the problem or desire as a parent.

the first question.

I want my children can think of me as herbest friend, too. How to be like that?


the old man is not a friend of the child,the parent is a parent of the child. I sometimes like laughing when parents sayI want so want her friend’s children. because children have a lot of friends.She ultimately need parents who could warm could have had good relations, itcan communicate with the pleasant but not as friends. because if the childrenwant to be friends but we want to be friends of the child when we can’t run aparent’s role is much more complex than so friends. We need a figure ofdiscipline, moral values and the values it took on children, we need a wholetask not only older people who can experience the child as a friend. they willsee a parent not firm. If the advice of us should provide excellentcommunication of.

the second question,

how the figure of father engaged toparenting?


Dad was definitely involved in childcareand its role not only helps the mother. There are 3 main for father figure.

1. discipline

the first figure is that makes a motherbecome uncomfortable due to the 2. friends main

This is because fathers who basically havethe nature of doing physical activities

3. role in the learning process

father being a different colour in thelearning process of the child. due to the nature of the child who has tired ofit in learning.

the third question.

how parents help children face sadness atthe time of divorce?


grief at the time of divorce was a veryreasonable emotion occurs in children not just in children actually on parents,families in the face of a highly emotional experience of divorce. at the timeof the divorce we think of as emotion. and emotion is it reasonable then wewill be more ready to face in that process but everything takes time.acceptance of children of divorce are often more difficult than parents incertain aspects but there is also a situation that makes children become moreeasy to like.

1. a supportive environment

It is the first child in the face of thesecond phase of the divorce of his parents.

2. at the time a parent dealing with achild’s emotions are not involved in emotion.

It will make the child give a response to hisor her father or mother remain intact as his parents.Parents basically loved his son it is reflectedfrom the 3 questions a parent who wants to be the best in children. Hopefullythese questions can help you as a parent who has the same problem as thequestion. Another question we will give the answer on the other articles. Thankyou for visiting our website. Still support us as a writer that can providebenefits to your visit to our website.

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