Beginner Tips for Documentary Wedding Photography

wedding photographyDocumentary wedding photography is currently making waves with the boom of social media and photographers getting an online following practically everywhere in the globe. There is something about it that comes off as customized and fresh and in theory that really is where all the appeal is coming from. Watching a storyboard come together under this type of wedding photography is like being treated to a skit or a play or even a movie. There’s an introduction, a rising of the plot, a climax, the plot’s descent, and the end. It’s interesting and amazing and it is no mystery why more and more future brides and grooms are opting for this type of wedding photography style.

If you are a photographer wanting to venture into the extremely lucrative niche of wedding photography, learning this particular type of photography style and perfecting it is actually one of the best ways for you to ensure that you will be getting a huge following and eventually, clients who will book you professionally to cover for their weddings and even engagement shoots. This can be a bit of a struggle if you are a total beginner though so here are a few tips that you can live by while you are starting out:

Properly manage the expectations of the bride and groom

A lot of photographers are challenged by this but this is one of the most crucial steps in making sure that you and your clients are pretty much on the same page regarding what they would like to happen and what you will be able to deliver to them. Make sure that you have a good sit down and you listen intently to what they want and see if it is something fairly plausible. This is what this Newcastle wedding photographer does with his clients. One good trick of the trade would be for you to under-promise and over-deliver. This means that you play down on the things that they would be expecting from you and surprise them with the results. This almost always results to satisfied clients and that is always good for business because you get good reviews and recommendations for the people they know in the future. It is all about networking, after all.

Let the events unfold and don’t be too intrusive

The thing with documentary wedding photography is that the photographer’s presence is not really that noticeable. It’s more of like having someone spectators the entire event and they just sort of document it without really saying much. This will allow the artist to more or less have certain artistic liberties with the way he or she will be able to portray the story in the way the photos are being stringed together and in the way the theme is being presented. This is the most obvious difference between traditional and documentary wedding photography. The photographer is more into providing directions and asking people to pose a certain way in traditional wedding photography whereas the photography is pretty much left to his or her imagination with documentary wedding photography.

In Search of Reportage Wedding Photography

Why Reportage Photography Is Beautiful

reportage wedding photographyThis is the type of photography that you have to have for your wedding. You need it because it is an alive, evergreen, narrative and story driven style of wedding photography. It aims to capture are the important moment at your wedding, your responses, your reactions, what your guest are doing and all the entertaining, cute and emotional moments that happen at a wedding. It isn’t about static moments are contriving moments, it is about life as it is happening. These are the type of images that you will enjoy seeing years to come, after you’ve been married 20 years go and when these images come to life.

The Story That Must Be Told

Reportage style wedding photography is all about the story and nothing more. That is a word that you will notice us say several times. We focus on that word because reportage wedding photography is all about capturing real life, telling several stories about your wedding day, capturing you with your loves ones, telling a story with a single glass towards your soon to be spouse, friends and family. This is the heart of good photography, not static shots but life.

Frozen Portraits Will Not Satisfy You

Frozen portraits will not satisfy you 1, 5 or 30 years from now. A wedding portrait will not tell you about the energy and emotion that was in the air at your wedding, only reportage style photography can do that and you need to archive all the human elements of your wedding, not just have a picture of who was there.

Hire the Right Wedding Photographer

A rose by any other name is far from a rose. Reportage photography is a very specific form of photography that cannot be faked and it must meet a certain set of criteria. The right wedding photographer will have a portfolio that display these criteria. If you want a reportage photographer make sure that they actually shot that style in deed and not just in name. Make sure that there style is documentary and story like. You don’t just need stolen moments through their lens, you need a story in the form of photographs.

Your Next Move

Your next move will be your next move and that is to actively search for a high quality reportage wedding photographer york. As you know, they aren’t as common as you might thing and this style of photography is even illusive some who claim to offer this style of photography. So what should you do? You should shop! Yes, you should look at as many portfolios from photographers who offer this style and figure out if you like their work and them. Once you have found the right photographer everything else concerning your wedding will simply fall into place. One tip that will help your photographer and that will make sure that you get quality images is to restrict smartphone and tablet use during your wedding because you do not want images of everyone playing hobby photographer, you want great shots of people actually experiencing your wedding in the moment.