When Planning A Family Photo Shoot

Get the family to join in on the planning.

family portraitsMom and dad planning everything ahead of time is nice and all that but it doesn’t make the photo shoot all that inclusive. The kids might have mixed emotions about it and this can affect the overall results of your family portraits end up looking like. You will have a far better chance of getting things to work out for you in all of the best ways if everyone is in on it at some point or so. If you want to get your kids hyped up and excited for what you have in store for them during the family portraits session, then include them into the plan as much as you possibly can while you are at it. This can really turn out to make all of the difference for you in the world. When you and the rest of your family members have some kind of a say on the matter, it makes the photo session so much more interesting and so much more substantial and meaningful in the long run.

Meet your photographer in advance.

The family portraits will come out looking so much better if you and the rest of the family actually get to meet up with the family photographer in advance and perhaps even get to know him a little bit at some point or so. Photographers can be really intimidating at times, especially for people who aren’t all that familiar with the photographer in the first place. The session for the family portraits will have a far better chance of succeeding if you ensure that they get a little more acquainted with the family photographer. It helps when they get to establish some level of trust and familiarity with the photographer because it makes them open up to him. That is something very important during a photo session and the type of thing that you ought to prioritize as much as possible. It can be as informal as some lunch at home or whatever you might feel comfortable trying to pull off so keep that in mind.

Coordinate clothing.

It doesn’t have to be exactly the same or identical. That would look and feel ridiculous and totally out there but coordinating clothes can really give you something that will have some sort of continuity to the theme of the photo shoot that you are trying to go ahead and prepare for one way or the other. Again, include the kids in on the deal so that they have a say on the matter and so that they will get to enjoy the photo shoot even more.

Plan it on a rest day.

This way, everyone is refreshed and ready for what they have ahead of them. You can’t afford to have people feeling tired and grumpy all the time. Kids can throw tantrums if they’re tired and hungry which is why planning the schedule of the photo shoot during a free day will give you so much more advantage and far better family portraits.


Fun Family Photography

family photographerIn the quest for attaining the perfect family photograph, most individuals tend to ignore the fun part of the photographs and instead put on a more serious approach to it. This should not be case and what your Denver family photographer is sure to tell you is that family photographer should not be viewed as a hassle to the family members if the photographer does not consider it so. All you need when is a bit of planning to get things operating smoothly and then the fun can start.

The first thing that needs to be done in the planning stages of the family photographs is finding a location. Your Denver family photographer (www.rachaelgracephotography.com) can certainly help with this especially if the studio is not the place you want to have your family pictures taken. Note that when deciding on a location, it should be one that has a lot of space for posing with natural light in abundance. Going the route of an outdoor venue is also plausible as long as the weather allows for it.

Lighting the family photographs

There is no difference between the family photographs and other forms of photographs where lighting is concerned as the abundance or lack of lighting is sure to have an effect on the outcome of the pictures. Your family photographer is already bound to know that too much light might lead to squinting and the presence of shadows in the picture and would work towards attaining a balance. The fact that family photographs are taken for different purposes one of the prominent ones being for recording means that they need to be as clear as possible. Making use of natural light is the best way to achieve good results so if possible, try taking the pictures early in the morning or at sunset to get the right illumination.

Have a relaxed atmosphere

Family photographs are meant to be fun and not the staid affair most people take them to be. Individuals find it easier to relax in a fun environment so make sure that when you hire a Denver family photographer, he or she knows how to foster relaxation and bring the fun during the process of photograph shooting. Making funny faces allows for the smiles on the faces of family members to seem more natural and also encourages relaxation.


Remember that the aim of this family photograph is to create a lasting memory of unity but that does not mean you should only stick to the traditional poses. Once interaction is encouraged among family members, it becomes easier to break out of the mold of stuffy poses for more natural relaxed ones. You can have your family members put their arms around each other or seat on each other’s lap as this way natural looking photographs can be gotten.

Fill the frame

The best family photographs are the ones that place sole focus on the family that is, there is no background distraction drawing away from the family images. An easy way to ensure that this is possible is by filling the frame of the pictures with the family’s image thereby centering the focus on their faces.