Newborn & Baby Photography: 4 Facts You Only Realize Later

newborn baby photographyBefore you get serious about the job, you thought that taking pictures of newborn baby photography couldn’t be that hard. Why, there are only harmless babies to work with, what could go wrong?

A lot of things could go wrong and only if you had known earlier! These are 4 things that a newborn photographer only realizes later.

Not all babies are friendly

Let’s be honest: not all babies are nice. Some of them can be pretty awful to deal with. Newborn babies are most of the time better in that they mostly sleep and only cry when they need something. But with babies, their cries can mean a lot of things. It’s really up to you, the new parents and luck to figure out what’s wrong!

Other times, you’re faced with babies that just refuse to cooperate well. Pouting babies are cute until they pout for almost half of the session and everyone’s busy trying to please him. Because you need a smiling baby picture for your client!

Not all parents are understanding

Sometimes, it’s the parents that you have to deal with. They are often the people that make the whole process so hard to deal with. And they range from the type that tells you from start to finish how the pictures should be taken to the ones that complain through and through.

Really, who’s the photographer now?

Hiring a professional photographer for a newborn baby photography session like the one from isn’t cheap, that’s for sure. If you’re going to tell them how to do things, you might as well be the photographer yourself.

Of course, it doesn’t mean parents shouldn’t talk. Photographers are always open to opinions and preferences, not orders and commands.

More poses

You never realized that babies and newborns are so unpredictable that the poses you’ve planned for aren’t enough. You end up doing improvisation on the spot and try to come up with something to fill the quota. Yup, next time, you need to come up with more poses!

Newborn babies are especially hard to predict. You never know which one they can settle in and which pose won’t work. You have to prepare a lot just in case the poses you planned for won’t work. Of course, the ones that are based on the parent’s preferences should be prioritized, but after that, at least have 5 backup poses or ideas.

The little ones are sensitive

As you dive into the world of newborn baby photography, you start to realize that babies are more sensitive than you thought. There are a lot of medical conditions related to how you take pictures that can affect them if you’re not careful! You don’t want to hurt them and obviously, don’t want parents to walk out of your studio with an infected baby.

It’s important to really pay attention to the environment and condition of the studio. The hygiene level of your props and set has to be maintained, too. You also need to carefully pose them with proper support from adults. There are a lot more details that you need to pay attention to and before you realize it, you’re on the same level as a professional child healthcare.