Professional Event Photography Tips

If event photography is something that you would like to get into, what you should know ahead of time is the fact that this can be something that can turn really lucrative for as long as you are able to more or less keep the pipeline filled. For as long as you are able to keep the gigs coming, it should be able to give you a good enough income for you to start turning your hobby into a full time livelihood. You will be living the dream of really being able to do what you love and do it every day. However, photography is an ever evolving skill and if you would like to continue being in the game and be as good as this wedding photographer peterborough, you need to be willing to change and ebb the tide, as they say it.

dslr cameraThe best gear to use for event photography would have to be a high end DSLR.

To be honest, nothing less will suffice. This is a so-called necessary evil in such a way wherein you need to invest in it, even if this is something that you are just starting out with. A DSLR camera will let you shoot in both manual mode and aperture mode. There are some cameras that will still equip you enough to film in both modes with cameras that are less high end but when you get to think of it, this is something that you might end up doing for a very long time so you might as well not flake out on the initial investment. As much as this is a hobby and a craft, this is also a business, when it all comes down to it.

It is important for you to make sure that you are able to stay polite at all costs and regardless of circumstances.

Event photography requires you to be able to manage a crowd with authority and with much firmness in such a way that they will listen to you but you do not want to come off sounding rude or overbearing either. It is quite a balance that you would need to make sure you are able to really precariously juggle.

You need to work fast and stay focused.

You have to keep in mind that people attending the event are more interested in attending the event than spending their time posing for you and your camera. Be quick with the way you take photos. Take a maximum of three photos per person just so that you have your options laid out for you when you are in the final process of touching up the photos and deciding on which ones will go with the digital album. Having a maximum of three photos will narrow down your choices as well so you do not have to spend way too much time in figuring things out.

Keep in mind that you should also take photos of the event venue before the event even starts.

The organizers will really get to appreciate having a remembrance of how the place looked like before things start going haywire (just kidding).

Wedding Photography Practices to Observe

photography tipsBack up your files accordingly

As a professional photographer, you should treat your files as your treasure trove. They should be kept in the most secure of places and as much as possible, since it is possible to replicate them, store them in different places all at once. You cannot afford to lose any collection of files ever especially if it’s for an unfinished project so be wise enough to really check back and store your files securely.

Hire out an assistant

Wedding photography is also something that you cannot do alone. You would need to make sure that you get someone to help you out at some point. This may be difficult if you’ve just started out and you cannot afford an actual paid assistant just yet but it pays to really have that extra hand. You can make it a project based basis or if times really are that tough, at least try to see if you can hit a friend up for some favors, just to help you hit the ground running at some point. It can get hard and really challenging and you can only do so much all on your own so make sure to really heed this advice.

Get it all on paper

You need to make sure that you are able to cover your liabilities as much as possible. Get a contract drawn up and get it reviewed by a lawyer. You need to make sure that risks are mitigated and that your business is protected at all times.

Bring enough extra batteries and memory cards

Weddings can really take a lot of time and may drag on for quite extended periods. Go through the efforts or really making sure that you have enough juice to last you for the marathon filming. Prepare extra batteries that are fully charged and make sure that you have enough memory for you to be able to take enough photos to really complete your wedding photography project.

Always shoot in RAW

The thing with filming in RAW is that you are able to make sure that all of the information that comes along with the images really is still quite complete. This will enable you to be able to fix any flaws much more easily and be able to avoid the ever common risk of overexposure. Our berkshire wedding photographer prefers to shoot in RAW than JPEG.  JPEG tends to fix any details it may deem unfit for the image and it does not always come out right. It has the tendency to look grainy and blurry at times.

Get a variety of lenses for your trick shots

You’re going to need to start off with at least 2 basic lenses. You are going to need a basic wide angle lens and a macro lens. You will have to build on from here but these two lenses are a pretty great start if you don’t really know what to invest in just yet. Macro lens is for your close-ups and wide angle lens is for your main group photos.

Open communication

Make sure that you are able to openly communicate with the bride and groom. Set up a meeting with the bride and groom and really go over all of the details just to make sure that all the bases are covered.

Take care of your gear and maintain them accordingly

Lastly, remember that your gear is your main money maker and they are huge investments. Keep them spotless and clean all of the time and store them appropriately.

Portrait Photography Tips

portrait photography tipsAre you fascinated with being a photographer? Would you like to improve on your photography? Then here are the basic photography and portrait tips that will enable you attain solid portraits. It is also important to chip in your ideas and visions to obtain the best portraits.


It is imperative to make the subject relaxed. Make the focus the feel natural anterior to the camera. It is important to have genuine emotions brought out rather than cheesy postured smiles. The pictures should be honest representations of the clients. Always recall that the images with real expressions connect to the viewer. It is important to make the subject get satisfied with the results by going for a facial angle and a pose they like best. Make sure the subject is placed in the most flattering posture.


Always ensure there is depth in the portrait composition. When taking the photographs the images produced are often 2-dimensional. The image should then be made to appear 3-D and also the focus should be made to pop out of the frame. The three dimensions of the image talk of the background, middle ground, and foreground, and the middle ground are essential in gaining the necessary depth. Composing is important even in cake smash photography.


Light is usually directional. Therefore, to attain the best lighting, make sure the subject looks towards the light source. In the open fields, the source of light often comes from above the head (overhead). In such a case the subjects should be made to tip slightly facing upwards in the direction of the source of the light. Avoid over divulging the portrait by making it too bright. Instead, give the picture a simple and clean look. If you will be shooting using the natural light from the sun, it is imperative to put into consideration the time of the day and the course of the sun in relation to where and how you would like your subject to pose. It has been established that late afternoon and early morning are the suitable times for a natural light photo. Avoid shooting during midday when the shadows and the sunlight are harshest. Overcast weather can also offer an excellent opportunity for a picture with lighting and softer shadows that remain consistent over quite a long period.

Settings of the camera

The appearance and tonality of the skin of the subject performs a major part in the success of the resultant portrait. The expressions can be deceiving to the inexperienced eye and also the auto white balance of the camera can also be tricked by environmental factors. People are often carried away with settings and gear. They are fascinated in seeing a creative portrait rather than a technically ideal portrait. It is, therefore, advisable to take a single lens and on the camera body on a shoot. It is also imperative to choose the clothing that compliments the background colors of the surroundings or the skin makes the subject stand out.

Apart from the four top tips, it is also important to consider the lens used. An appropriate focal length should be selected to prevent falsifying the subject’s head.